Glacier Paradise

DSCN2109Today we were on top of the world. Whilst the mini campers went to Lake Leisee to catch tadpoles as they heard that the older kids had so much fun. The rest of us headed up to Kline Matterhorn for a day on the glacier. It was a fun ride up on the bubble search for marmottes and chamoix. Then we jumped onto the cable car that took us up to the highest lift access point in Europe. We started with a trip deep into the glacier itself. Inside the glacier we learnt a little about how it is formed and how it constantly moves and changes shape and size. We even found an ice slide that was a lot of fun. We were all pretty chilly when we got back to the surface to had a yummy hot chocolate which made it feel like winter again.

We then headed outside to have a go at snow tubing! It was so much fun and went super fast. I think we could have left Cody tubing all week and he would not have got bored. We then attempted to make a snow man which was very amusing. After saying goodbye to our snowman we headed back down to Trockener steg for some lunch before heading all the way back to Zermatt very exhausted. Tomorrow due to popular demand will be a morning back up at Leisee and an afternoon of tennis. Better get some good sleep tonight.