Day 9: Swimming

We can not believe the final day of this 9 day camp has come around so soon. Even though the weather was a bit average we were determined to make the most of it and get up the mountain.  We had a break from the rain in the morning so Robbie, Isabelle and the twins jumped on the bubble up to Furi which the minis stayed in town with Hannah. As it was the last day and because the kids enjoyed it so much earlier in the camp we walked up to the hanging (wibbly wobbly) bridge and to the adventure playground. After a lot of fun on the zip wire we made an awesome camp/bivouac. The scenario was we were stuck up the mountain for the night and had to make somewhere to sleep to stay dry and warm. The kids did a great job finding logs and sticks to make the structure and then pine needles to cover them. After dismantling our camp like good hikers we headed back to furi for lunch. We met up with the mini’s who had gone for a marmotte spotting hunt. Lunch was great and everyone was very hungry after a morning in the great outdoors.

In the afternoon the weather got worse so we went swimming again, this time to a different pool where we could also swim outside. We had a lot of fun especially the twins who did their best to drown Robbie. After no time at all it was time to say goodbye. A huge thank you to all the kids who joined us this week. We are confident you all and an awesome time and definitely learnt some new skills you ca show your friends at home. We look forward to seeing you all again very soon. Have an awesome rest of summer

Winter Is Here

Glacier Paradise

Day 9: Swimming

Day 8: Forest Fun Park