Day 8: Forest Fun Park

zermatt-fun-parkWhat an awesome surprise to wake up to clear skies and a beautifully clear Matterhorn. I love it when the weather forecasts get it wrong when they predict rain. As today was Cody’s last day and it was such a great hit with all the kids on day 1 we decided to go and do the forest fun park again. It was great to see how much more confidence the twins Andreas and Gabriel went around today compared to the beginning of the camp. Daniel joined in again with the minis and loved watching his brothers and sister swinging and zipping over his head but was not letting it interfere with his intense digging.

Cody again showed his experience on the green line but Isabelle as with the brother showed huge improvements, she flew round the green line today without any help at all. Whilst, Robbie, Rob and the twins had a fun game of football Cody, Isabelle and Hannah went round the brown line which is almost all Zip lines flying all over the forest. This is normally for adults and much bigger kids so the three of them did a great job to get around and had a lot of fun in the process. To finish the day we all went for a short hike through some Alpine meadows up to Winklematten. Sadly there were no goats to see but the flowers were beautiful and a quick play in the playground made the hike worth while. Again tomorrow the weather looks a bit hit and miss so we will have to see what the plan is for our final day of camp in the morning. Everybody dream of sunny weather.

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Day 8: Forest Fun Park