Day 7: Gornergrat Adventure

Today was our first rainy day of this camp and we made the most of it. This morning both camps headed up to Gornergrat on the train together. Isaac absolutely loved the train ride which was very sweet. Once up at the top were lucky to have a few short breaks in the weather which allowed us to have a look around at the stunning scenery including some amazing glaciers. We then went inside to warm up with a hot chocolate before having our photos taken with the St Bernard dog called Lucky, a must for every visitor to Switzerland.  After a hot lunch at the Gornergrat hotel we jumped back on the train to Zermatt. Alsa and Isaac insisted on sitting right at the front so they could drive the train, whilst all the other kids including camp leader Hannah did some beautiful coloring in.

After dropping the minis back to their parents the rest of us got on the bus and went to a lovely hotel for a swim. It was so much fun. Luckily we had both swimming pools to ourselves so we could make as much noise as possible and believe me we made the most of it. The first pool was nice and warm and we brought along lots of floating toys to play with. We then braved the big pool which a much colder. To be honest none of us lasted long in there before needing to jump back into the warm water. Andreas and Gabriel were showing off their football skills by kicking the beach balls from one side of the pool to the other while Isabelle and Cody were keeping Hannah and Phoebe entertained. We will have to see what the weather holds for us tomorrow before we decide what fun and games we have in store for our penultimate day.

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