Day 5: Tennis

What a scorcher of a day. Even when all the campers were picked up at 9 O’clock it was already over 20 degrees! So we headed back up to sunnegga and lake Leisee to cool down. Today we did not have any of the minis. We had a great morning looking at how much bigger the frogs have got and how many of the tadpoles have now changed into frogs since our last visit up. We had a lot of fun in the playground with everyone showing off their climbing skills.

Before lunch everyone played together in the lake to cool down. After our packed lunch we went down on the train through the mountain back to Zermatt. We headed straight to the tennis courts to meet Alex for our tennis lesson. Although it was still super hot everyone did really well and showed some great improvements. Gabriel and Andreas are by far the best ball collectors I have ever seen. Well done everyone for a great day. Tomorrow we will head up to furi for a fun day in the woods.

Winter Is Here

Glacier Paradise

Day 9: Swimming

Day 8: Forest Fun Park