Day 3: Mountain Biking

DSCN2064Team awesome did us proud today. We all started together trying our hand/feet at slack lining. Both Isaac and Alsa have obviously been practicing as they were scarily good and to think they have only been walking a few years! Everyone showed off their skills on the trampoline, Isabelle’s front flips were very impressive and Cody’s bum jumps were absolutely hilarious. We even managed to get Daniel to leave his gardening to come and have a bounce. When the mini campers went to the playground for more fun and games Isabelle, Cody, Gabriel and and Andreas all headed up to play crazy golf. Everyone did them selves proud and showed moments of genius with Cody taking the win with a score of 26 and not one but two holes in one, closely followed by Andreas and Gabriel!

Following a yummy packed lunch it was time to show what we are made of on our mountain bikes. We had a great lesson from ……. Who teaches for …….. Once we worked out the best bikes for everyone there was some real improvements made. Give Isabelle another few years and I’m sure we’ll be seeing her on TV racing on the world cup down hill circuit she is a real talent on a bike!

As long as the weather remains fine the mini campers will be heading up to Leisse lake to catch some frogs and play on the beech. The others had so much fun up there yesterday afternoon that it would be unfair to them to miss out. Everyone else is heading up to Kline Matterhorn the highest lift access point in Europe to visit the glacier paradise and go inside the glacier itself and explore the wonders of the ice world and then have a go at tubing on the snow and hopefully watch some of the national ski team athletes training on the glacier. See you all tomorrow.

Winter Is Here

Glacier Paradise

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